MAGGIE is an anthropologist, a traveler, an assiduous practitioner of yoga, a burgeoning writer, an aspiring vegan chef and an Airbnb Superhost since 2014. Let’s just say she’s the Boss.

MARCO, her brother, is a musician, pacifist and olive producer. He is a noble soul with a pair of hands able to work everything – from the earth, to wood, to cement. Those magic hands also grow pumpkins.

DANIELA is the mother, a philosopher, artist, practitioner and teacher of herbal medicine, esotericism, Tuscan cuisine and bread baking. She lives love and is made of love. She’s the soul of our hill, Il Poggio. Flowers spring up wherever she walks.

CESARE is the grandfather, the last one who bottled our wine. He was the one who taught us that our extra virgin olive oil is worth more than gold. He planted those artichokes and fruit trees that despite the frosts, continue to flourish. He now lives without a voice, but always smiles at the doves in love.

We are a family united by simple but strong values such as honest, spontaneity, humility and humanity. We believe in the power of dialogue, laughter, sensitivity and freedom of the spirit. We feed ourselves with love, creativity, stories and dreams. We are traditionalists, unconventional and irrepressibly optimistic. We reject any form of violence, prejudice, aggression or negativity.