Parking: We have a parking area and a shelter for motorcycles, scooters, bikes and strollers.

Breakfast: We offer several vegetarian menus from which you can select in the evening for the following morning. Each of these is free from processed food and made with only organic-biodynamic certified ingredients.  Many of our offerings, such as fruit, eggs, bread and pies, are produced by us. The eggs, of course, are the exclusive production of our 5 chickens: Alda, Nella, Olma, Neda and Luana.

Aperitifs, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner: Upon request and depending on the availability of the chef, we can prepare aperitifs, lunch, snacks or starlit dinners. Our specialties are a balance between traditional recipes and the dietary needs of modern man: classic tastes that recognize today’s desire for an ethical, healthy and balanced diet. We are vegetarians prepared to satisfy vegans, celiacs and breatharians.

Tastings and Guided Tours: Marco and Daniela are happy and willing to take you by the hand and guide you in the knowledge and tasting of our wonderful fruits. With Marco, you can walk the olive grove and learn about olive growing. Learn to recognize an olive tree by the color of its leaves. Understand how to determine the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from its smell, color and taste. With Daniela, you will venture into the undergrowth looking for magical herbs and flowers, therapeutic perfumes and miraculous essences. 

Airbnb Experiences: Always different, always on the calendar. The active classes, held by multi-talented experts in the field, revolve around yoga and herbalism.

**** Ask the Boss (Maggie) for all the details ****

Chill Out and Relax Zone: Anywhere and everywhere.  We have coffee tables, chairs, Thai mats, blankets, cushions.. enjoy every single space. Chill under the pear trees, in the shade of the quince tree or in the olive grove. We have guitars, drums, ukuleles, candles, picnic baskets, wine glasses and corkscrews. The vintage Tuscan lounge area is full of herbal teas, coffee and biscuits.  There are two outdoor pergolas with sofas, books and Cuban cigars. 

Maggie: She is always at your service. She knows everyone and can satisfy just about any request. Ask her about wine and food tours and tastings, cooking and yoga classes, outdoor adventures, excursions, markets, village visits, local happenings, horseback riding, restaurants, concerts, aperitifs or places to enjoy great music.