Those of us born in this paradise among the fig trees have received an incredible gift. We repay our lucky fate by maintaining a strong nobility of spirit. We honor our mother earth and all the simple joys she provides, like tender raw artichokes dressed with olive oil and lemon. We welcome strangers, travelers and artists. In my home, hospitality and sharing are family arts.

Throughout the years we have offered our thick linen sheets and coffee to Spanish writers, Chinese philosophers and Hawaiian pilgrims; our bread and wine to American architects, Argentinian photographers and Russian painters. These travelers camped in the shade of the elms in Via Vecchia, captivated by the view and the delights of life in the Tuscan countryside.

It was Mara, my grandmother, who finally decided to expand upon our congenital inclination to give and share with others. She took cement and bricks and raised the house by one floor to provide space for visitors. Sadly, she sowed something grand without reaping the fruits because the wind kidnapped her, leaving her dream in midair.

Maggie’s Home with its “Million Dollar View,” was conceived by a great spirit and completed by me, my mother and my brother, and is now a homestay. Nestled between the chamomiles and ancient trees, it is just an 800-meter walk from San Gimignano. In keeping with our tradition, we offer our three rooms and our view with love to those who come from afar.